• NBN + UNI-V Phone Bundles Are Here!

    Add UNI-V phone to your unlimited data for just 10c /mo !!
    No extra equipment required. Just plug in your analogue or digital
    handset and go.
    Tier 1 Unlimited Data + UNI-V Basic - $59.95 / mo
    Tier 2 Unlimited Data + UNI-V Basic - $69.95 / mo
    Add $10 /mo for Unlimited Local and National calls.
    • No on peak restrictions.
    • No extra phone equipment
    • Switch on today!
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  • Introducing NBN Unlimited Plans

    Say goodbye to "Bill Shock".
    Choose a super fast NBN connection and then pay one low fixed price
    each month.
    12/1 Mbps Unlimited - $59.85 / mo
    25/5 Mbps Unlimited - $69.85 / mo
    50/20 Mbps Unlimited - $100 / mo
    100/40 Mbps Unlimited - $150 / mo
    • No on peak off peak restrictions, simple and unlimited.
    • Local expertise and support
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  • Only Pay for What You Use!

    10GB? 25G? 50GB - how much do you need? If you don't know or, like most people your use changes from month to month, don't commit to a fixed plan. AusBBS PAYG Internet plans enable you to pay for what you actually use. For the first time this means Internet plans to suit your needs.
    • First 10GB included then 85c/GB
    • Access fees from $29.95/mo
    • Available for NBN and ADSL2+
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Home Phone

Feature rich voice services.

Business grade features for residential customers. AusBBS Phone slashes your phone bill while boosting service features.

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