• Introducing NBN Unlimited Plans

    Say goodbye to "Bill Shock".
    Choose a super fast NBN connection and then pay one low fixed price
    each month.
    12/1 Mbps Unlimited - $59.85 / mo
    25/5 Mbps Unlimited - $69.85 / mo
    50/20 Mbps Unlimited - $100 / mo
    100/40 Mbps Unlimited - $150 / mo
    • No on peak off peak restrictions, simple and unlimited.
    • Local expertise and support
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  • 10% Off Internet and Phone Bundles

    Australians are embracing digital phone. Not only are the rates incredibly low for features previously seen as business only, you can take a further 10% off monthly plan fees when you bundle any AusBBS phone service with an ADSL2+, NBN 12/1Mbps or
    NBN 25/5Mbps data service.

    Offer for a limited time only!
    • NBN Internet from $39.95/mo
    • Phone Plans start at $9.95/mo
    • Bundle with Internet and save 10%
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  • Only Pay for What You Use!

    10GB? 25G? 50GB - how much do you need? If you don't know or, like most people your use changes from month to month, don't commit to a fixed plan. AusBBS PAYG Internet plans enable you to pay for what you actually use. For the first time this means Internet plans to suit your needs.
    • First 10GB included then 85c/GB up to 25GB, 65c/GB to 100GB and 1c/GB thereafter
    • Access fees from $29.95/mo
    • Available for NBN and ADSL2+
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Home Phone

Feature rich voice services.

Business grade features for residential customers. AusBBS Phone slashes your phone bill while boosting service features.

Phone for NBN or ADSL
NBN and ADSL Phone Bundles
Phone for Estates

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