NBN Wireless Plans

AusBBS offers a range of plans for NBN fixed wireless that will suit your needs.

Pay As You Go (PAYG) Plans - For light and irregular users. PAYG plans allow you to pay a smaller monthly access fee which includes the first 10 gigabyte (GB), then a rate for each GB of data you actually use.

Cap Plans - For a range of usage levels providing competitive pricing and the security of a fixed cap on usage. Speeds are shaped when you have used your full quota with no excess fees.


Data Contract Term Speed Setup Fee Monthly Fee Min Contract  
PAYG GB Casual up to 12/1 mbps $99.00 $39.95 $138.95
50 GB Casual up to 12/1 mbps $99.00 $45.95 $144.95
200 GB Casual up to 12/1 mbps $99.00 $55.95 $154.95
UNLIMITED GB Casual Up to 12/1 mbps $99.00 $66.95 $165.95

Critical Terms and Conditions

AusBBS NBN Fixed Wireless features include;
~ No on peak off peak restrictions.
~ For NBN Wireless data cap plans, shape speed after usage limit is 512Kbps with no excess charges.
~ PAYG Plans monthly fees include the first 10GB and thereafter charges are 85c/GB.
~ No setup fees for 24 month contracts.
~ All prices inclusive of GST.
* Subject to industry standard Acceptable Use Policies.
* Certain factors may impact on actual speeds experienced by customers. For more information click here.
* For the AusBBS NBN Fixed Wireless Critical Information Summary click here.