NBN Optical Fibre Cap Plans

AusBBS offers a simple range of cap plans for NBN optical fibre connections. Cap plans include a set data cap (sometimes referred to as a "data quota") available for use every month.  If you use your full allocation on any given month your connection speed will be ‘shaped’, which means slowed down to the speeds listed below. 

NBN Optical Fibre Cap Plan features include;

~ No on peak off peak restrictions, just a simple set cap. 
~ Double your data cap when bundled with NBN phone.
~ No setup fees for 24 month contracts.
~ All prices inclusive of GST.
* Speeds quoted are maximum speeds. Certain factors may impact on actual speeds experienced by customers. For more information click here.
* For the AusBBS Optical Fibre Critical Information Summary click here.

  $59.95 Monthly $79.95 Monthly Most Popular $99.95 Monthly
Speed Fast Super Fast Ultra Fast
Mb/s 25/5 Mb/s 50/20 Mb/s 100/40 Mb/s
Cap 50GB 100GB 400GB
Phone Bundle Cap 100GB 200GB 800GB
No on peak off peak limits
Shape Speed 256Kb/s 512Kb/s 1024Kb/s



    Setup Fees    
  Free $55.00 $99.00  
  24 Months 12 Months Casual  






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