NBN Optical Fibre Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go (PAYG) for NBN optical fibre connections.  PAYG plans allow you to pay a smaller monthly access fee which includes the first 10 gigabyte (GB), then a rate for each GB of data you actually use.

NBN Optical Fibre PAYG features include;

~ Unlimited usage with payment only for what you use (subject to fair use).

~ No on peak off peak restrictions.
~ First 10GB of data included with access fee.
~ No setup fees for 24 month contracts.
~ All prices inclusive of GST.
* Speeds quoted are maximum speeds. Certain factors may impact on actual speeds experienced by customers. For more information click here.

* Subject to fair use.  PAYG plans are designed for users averaging 150GB or less per month.
* For the AusBBS Optical Fibre Critical Information Summary click here.

  $42.95 Access Fee /mo $52.95 Access Fee /mo Most Popular $62.95 Access Fee /mo
Speed Fast Super Fast Ultra Fast
Mb/s 25/5 Mb/s 50/20 Mb/s 100/40 Mb/s
Payment type Pay As You Go Pay As You Go Pay As You Go
First 10GB included
No speed shaping
No on peak off peak limits



Per Gigabyte Rates
*First 10GB /mo included

  85c 40c 1c  
  10GB to 25GB 25GB to 100GB 100GB+  
    Setup Fees    
  Free $55.00 $99.00  
  24 Months 12 Months Casual  









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