About Us

AusBBS (Australian Broadband Services Pty Limited) entered the Telecommunications Sector in 2012. Formed to deliver a new approach to Internet service provision – we specialize in the delivery of the newest home broadband technologies – Fibre – to your home or the node and building.

We see the NBN and the general shift to optical fibre networks as a tremendously positive step for Australian home users, small businesses and the whole community. Our goal is to provide industry best flexibility, value for money and – the most important aspect of your service – the highest quality customer service.

Our team includes highly experienced telecommunications experts. They are trained, ready and equipped to manage the complex ins and outs of telecommunications in Australia on your behalf, and, to make your Internet experience as simple and seamless as possible. We will research the connection options for your address and provide the best advice and support to meet your needs.

AusBBS is directed and managed by a group of dedicated ISP professionals who spend their lives chasing down the best and latest technology to provide higher quality services to Australian customers.



Chairman – Ian McGregor

Ian has over 25 years of professional experience as a financial officer, business manager and Director of public companies. He was previously the Chief Financial Officer of OzEmail Limited and UUnet, Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer of Broadcast Services Australia Limited, and the Chief Financial Officer of Unwired Group Limited. Ian was previously Chairman (Non Executive) at Australian Power and Gas Limited and a Director (Non Executive) at Chaos Group Limited.


CEO & Founder – Rob Appel

Rob is an executive with over 20 years experience in telecommunications, online media & marketing, ecommerce, fund raising, M&A activities, public relations, legal affairs and general management. Founding AusBBS in 2012 he set about creating a new generation ISP to deliver for Australian customers as they migrate from older technologies to fibre and related networks.

Prior to AusBBS, Rob was a pioneer of online media and ecommerce, founding Australia’s first online music service, Chaos.com, and executing a rapid growth strategy that saw the company (Chaos Group Limited) listed on the ASX in 1999. Chaos became the leader in its field and was ranked the fastest growth company by revenue in Australia by 2002 (Deloitte Fast 50). In the rapidly changing environment of the period Rob oversaw growth of accounts from 0 to 350,000+ and successfully steered the public entity through an MBO.

Rob was an early entrant into the industry in 1996 when he joined OzEmail, initially as LawNet Producer and then as Manager of Business Content Services.


Director and Technology Advisor – Andrew Kent

Andrew is one of Australia’s leading Internet designers with over 25 years experience in technology and senior Internet roles.

As CTO of OzEmail and subsequently UUNet Asia Pacific, Andrew designed, implemented and managed some of the largest Internet platforms in the country.

Andrew has since been involved in the development of online messaging systems, cloud services and a broad selection of cutting edge Internet applications.

He is the founder of consultancy SpryBTS which provides hosting and platform design services to AusBBS.




Director CRM / Customer Operations – David Heck

David have a long history of working on customer escalations that have been seen in the field and need resolution in a timely manner. His main focus has always been to ensuring the lines of communication stay open during a crisis and the appropriate resources needed to resolve a problem are engaged.

Previously David held key customer relationship roles with both Cisco and Ericsson.

David is both huge and energetic when comes to takes care of customer needs.


Director R&D / GM Operations – Jason Mikronis

Jason is an experienced telecommunications manager and maintains a key focus on strategic outcomes that are win-win for the customer and the business.

He has been involved with a number of listed telecommunications companies and works closely with stakeholders from all parts of a business. Prior to AusBBS, he has been responsible for total financial and operational performance of ISP businesses, and has achieved high levels of customer growth, improvements to finances, and improvements to customer satisfaction while rolling out a best-of-breed customer management and business processing system. An Encyclopaedia of Australian Telecommunications – Don’t get him started!