About Us



AusBBS (Australian Broadband Services Pty Limited) is a new entrant into Australia’s Telco sector, offering a new approach to Internet service provision and specializing in NBN connections.

AusBBS was formed to bring out the best of the NBN's optical fibre to the home network for residential customers.  We see the NBN as a tremendously positive step for Australian technology companies and the whole community.  As the rollout builds pace, AusBBS will be bringing a different approach to the provision of Internet services.  Our goal is to be transparent with our customers allowing industry best flexibility to ensure that you are getting value for money and access to the best online services available. 

Our first step in delivering transparency was to introduce Australia’s the first Pay-As-You-Go, post paid Internet plans.  These plans give customers the flexibility to pay for the data actually used and move away from the cap only model where average customers subsidize heavy users. 

AusBBS is an authorised reseller of the NBN.


Who Are We?

AusBBS is directed and managed by a group of dedicated ISP professionals who see the NBN as an opportunity to provide better quality services and more applications to Australian customers.

Chairman – Ian McGregor
Ian has over 25 years of professional experience as a financial officer, business manager and Director of public companies. He was previously the Chief Financial Officer of OzEmail Limited and UUnet, Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer of Broadcast Services Australia Limited, and the Chief Financial Officer of Unwired Group Limited. He currently holds the position of non executive Chairman at Australian Power and Gas Limited and is advising AusBBS as required. Ian has agreed to take on the role of Non Executive Chairman in the lead up to the planned listing of the Company on the ASX.

CEO & Founder – Rob Appel
Rob is an executive with over 15 years experience in telecommunications, online media & marketing, ecommerce, fund raising, M&A activities, public relations, legal affairs and general management. Rob was an early entrant into the ISP sector in 1996 when he joined OzEmail, initially as LawNet Producer and then as Manager of Business Content Services where he co–ordinated the production team behind Australia’s highest ranking business portal at the time.  Rob went on to become a pioneer of online media and ecommerce development founding Australia’s first online music service Chaos.com and executing a rapid growth strategy that saw the company (Chaos Group Limited) listed on the ASX in 1999.  Chaos became the leader in its field and was ranked the fastest growth company by revenue in Australia by 2002 (Deloitte Fast 50).  As CEO of Chaos, Rob managed an executive team of 5 and total staff of 80.  In the rapidly changing environment of the period Rob oversaw growth of accounts from 0 to 350,000+ in 5 years and successfully steered the public entity through an MBO (2003).  Rob directly managed fund raising of over $20M and two major acquisitions in data storage and music retail during this period.  He continued a close association with the telecommunications sector through media deals into various carriers including Vodafone and Telstra.  Rob’s legal training provided a well rounded perspective on negotiations with key partners including Ninemsn, Yahoo, Microsoft and News Limited. 

Director and Technology Advisor – Andrew Kent 
Andrew is one of Australia’s leading Internet designers with over 25 years experience in technology and senior Internet roles. As CTO of OzEmail and subsequently UUNet Asia Pacific, Andrew designed, implemented and managed some of the largest Internet platforms in the country.  Andrew has since been involved in the development of online messaging systems, cloud services and a broad selection of cutting edge Internet applications.  He is the founder of consultancy Spry BTS and will to provide platform design and CTO services to AusBBS.