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For Prospective Customers

If you are looking to sign up, looking to see if we can provide a service, following up an existing order, or simply have a question on any of our services, please contact our Expert Sales department. Use our online sales enquiry form or call.

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Existing Customer
Technical Support

Existing Customers – Technical Issues

If you are an existing customer who is experiencing any technical difficulty with your AusBBS supplied internet or telephone service, please log a fault with the Technical Support department using our online form or call our helpdesk.

Technical Enquiry

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Update/Change Services

Existing Customers – Update your Service

If you are an existing customer who wishes to perform a change to their AusBBS Service, such as relocation, plan upgrade/downgrade, cancellation, or other service change, can use our online service inquiry form to submit your request.

Service Request

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Billing & Payment

Existing Customers – Billing Inquiry

If you are an existing customer with an enquiry relating to your bill or invoice, please submit use our online accounts enquiry form to receive assistance. An AusBBS staff member will attend to your questions within 24 business hours.

Accounts Enquiry