Sample Bill Explanation

Page 1

Open Sample Bill – Page 1

Provides an overview of your account.

Account Details

– see your Amount Due inclusive of GST.   If your account is in credit “CR” will appear next to the amount and nothing is payable.

– Account number is also your customer ID.

– Invoice number is [account number]-[statement number]

Account Summary

– Shows previous balance, adjustments and amount received from the previous month.

– New charges is total of charges for the current period inc GST.

– Amount Due is the balance owing inc GST.

Important Information

– Can contains special announcements or offers


Billing History

– Shows billing trends graphically


Charges Summary

– Includes list charge totals by service type for the current period.



Page 2

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Bulleting Board

– Includes regular advice on billing charges and a link to the current Standard Form Agreement.

– Can include announcements


Page 3

Open Sample Bill – Page 3

Detailed information on charging for the period

Summary by Service

– Summary of types of charges and subtotals.  All amounts on this page are exclusive of GST.

Other Charges and Credits

– Detail of charges and credits including relevant dates.  All amounts on this page are exclusive of GST.


Other Important Information

Billing Cycle

* AusBBS sends invoices out at the beginning of each month.

* Payments of amounts due are by direct debit on the 7th of the month.

* The due date for payments is the 15th of the month.

First Invoice Not Yet Connected

* This invoice is a statement your account.  It shows the items already paid that make up the initial deposit.  No amounts are due to be paid as the service has not connected yet.   Customers pay the first month in advance as part of the initial deposit so the account will be in credit until the service is activated. When the service is activated charging will commence.

First Invoice Connected

* The first invoice after service activation can be a bit confusing as it includes a pro rata amount from the date of activation in prior month to the end of that month plus the full fee for the following month.   At the next invoice amounts due will be back in the normal cycle for a single month charge.